Open Alliance

To see that Nigeria derives maximum benefit from openness and transparency needed for inclusive development and efficient service delivery.

Our Focus Areas

Fiscal Transparency

Supporting state and non-state actors to improve access and improvement of fiscal information. This includes the entire fiscal governance pipeline - audit, contracting, budgeting and cash management.

Citizen Engagement

Using visual appealing methods that connect to different literacy span of the society to stimulate interest in governance and demand for accountability. This is critical to expanding the demand-side of governance.

Access to Information

Improving the capacity of citizens to make FOI requests, strengthening of civil society coordination and also developing framework for timely response to FOI request while also improving proactive disclosure


Engage citizens effectively on key incentives and social norms that encourage graft. This also includes partnering with anti-corruption agencies towards improved institutions and adherence to criminal justice legislation.


Partnering with industry experts and institutions to demystify the extractive sector through a rigorous campaign for openness and effective use of revenues. This campaign will also leverage on the partnership with NEITI and others.


Leveraging the use of civic and government-oriented technology to pioneer a system that pushes Nigeria towards democratic sophistication, with the added benefit of impacting her regional and continental peers.

National Action Plan

2017 - 2019

A culmunation of efforts by CSOs monitoring and implementing Nigeria's National Action Plan (NAP) in the spirit of co-creation and partnership of the OGP process.

Latest news

2nd National Steering Committee and Working Group meeting

Event: National Steering Committee and Working Group Meeting Date: November 27 -28, 2017 Venue: Sheraton Hotel, Lagos November 27, 2019 – National Steering Committee Meeting The National Secretariat convened the 2nd National Steering Committee meeting on November 27, 2017. The meeting was scheduled to begin at 9 am but started late due to the late… View Article

OGP TEAM meets with Open Alliance and Civil Society Organisations

On October 23, 2016, members of the civil society organisations across the country gathered in Kaduna to meet with the OGP Team including the OGP CEO Sanjay Pradhan to deliberate, discuss and submit ideas on the success of the OGP Nigeria initiative. Distinguished Members of the OGP teams also graced the occasion: Maureen Kariuki, the… View Article

OGP TEAM meets with Government and Civil Society

October 24, 2016 – The OGP Team led by the OGP CEO, Sanjay Pradhan met with the with Government representatives and the Civil Society on the second day of the 3-day event. The event was organised by the Federal Government through the Ministry of Justice and Office of Attorney General with support from the Open Alliance…. View Article

OGP Nigeria: The Journey so far

Open Government Partnership In 2015, BudgIT partnered with  Public Private Development Center and Media Rights Agenda to launch the Open Alliance. The Open Alliance, currently with 12 members, advocated for Nigeria’s membership of the Open Government Partnership. The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a multilateral initiative and a global open government movement with a cohort… View Article

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